Create a Full-Time Income on a Part-Time Basis with Real Estate Investing

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Doug Beck shares various experiences over the course of the first 18 months of his real estate investing business which allowed him to create enough momentum and create significant enough of an income to go full-time as a professional real estate investor! Doug shares some of the exact concepts, strategies, and tactics he used to build a multiple 6-figure business in real estate investing on a part-time basis while working another job full-time and being a family man.

If you currently work full-time and would like to know how to successfully build your real estate investing business on a part-time basis to replace your income and eventually exceed it, then this course is for you.

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Douglas J. Beck
Douglas J. Beck

In early 2014, I made the decision to become a professional real estate investor and while I did in fact make the decision, I significantly underestimated amount of focus and time needed to make my dream become a reality. That said, my journey started on a part-time basis (like most), juggling my full-time job & family commitments with building my business in real estate investing. I am proud to say that over the course of about 18 months, I successfully built my real estate investing business, JDL Ventures from nothing to a multiple 6-figure business that has continued to grow over the past year!

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